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Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma 125mg

Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma 125mg


Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma 125mg

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Information about Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma

Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine made from pure gold. It has been used since ancient time which is used in treating a wide range of health diseases and also to enhance immunity.

Key Ingredients:
• Pure Gold

Key Benefits:
• Balancing hormonal changes in the body
• Fatigue and weakness
• Gastritis
• All types of cancer
• Skin diseases
o Improving skin color
o Eczema
o Antiaging
o Psoriasis
• Men’s Health
o Improving sexual power
o Infertility
• Women’s Health
o Uterine weakness
o Infertility
• Lungs and Airways
o Chronic bronchitis
o Cough
o Asthma
o Allergic rhinitis
o Weak digestion
o Tuberculosis
• Mind and Brain
o Bipolar disorder
o Trigeminal neuralgia
o Fight depression
o Improving human intelligence
• Fever infection
o Chronic fever
o Typhoid fever
o Blood poisoning
o Gonorrhea
o Upper respiratory infection
• Bone, joints & muscles
o Rheumatoid Arthritis
o Osteoarthritis

• For An infant to 5 year old: take 5 mg once a day
• For 5-10 year old: take 10 mg once a day
• For 10-16 years old: take 15mg once a day
• For adult: do not take not more than 125mg (in divided doses)

Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Use under medical supervision
• Should not be taken with bael fruit
• Never be used for 9 months in continuance
• Do not exceed the recommended dose
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