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Ambipur Car Freshner Lavender, 7.5 ml

Ambipur Car Freshner Lavender, 7.5 ml


Ambipur Car Freshner Lavender, 7.5 ml

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Key Highlights

  1. Our line of Car Fragrances, make sure that the interiors of the vehicle smells fresh every time you open the door and keep it fresh.
  2. From easy installation and themed faceplates to sophisticated fragrances.
  3. Simply install and enjoy beautiful fragrances that last for more than 60 days.
  4. Ambipur Car is a complete package that helps you enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in your vehicle anytime, every time.
  5. Available Fragrances: Lavender Spa, Vanilla Bouquet, Aqua, Pacific Air, After
  6. Refill Kit's available for all the fragrances


Do you sometimes find that your car has an anNoying persistent odour? OR do you often notice other passengers in your car being irritated with smells? Well this is more common an issue then you would think, particularly in the summer and monsoon seasons. From smells of trash to stinky food, from sweaty socks to smelly shoes, cars can get bombarded with a range of odours, that can make driving an unpleasant experience. The challenge with these common odours is that they are also tough to completely remove. Ambi Pur however, is the perfect car freshener for you, since it can transform your car from ‘Smelly to Smiley’ because it doesn’t just cover but truly removes the odours. . And Guess what? It leaves behind a beautiful subtle fragrance as well..


Item was of the most excellent quality. The packaging was exceptionally lovely. First-rate delivery.

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The item was high-standard. Quality of the wrapping was first-class. Speedy delivery. Recommended. 

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Ever so pleased.
Great quality. The packaging was very pleasing. Exceptionally outstanding delivery. Wish all sellers were this splendid.

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Item was of the most fantastic quality. Delivery was high-standard. Quality of the wrapping was good. Service was great.

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